It’s January 2nd and by now you most likely have your goals planned or have an idea of what you want to accomplish this year. If you still haven’t planned what type of things you want from this year, or you know what you want to accomplish you just don’t know how to make it happen then just keep reading. I’ve put together steps to achieve your goals this year or get you closer to the life you’ve been dreaming of.

Setting goals is very important, it gives you a sense of direction, and it also keeps you focused and also motivated to increase your chances of achieving the things you really want in life. The goals you set for yourself need to be meaningful to you. They need to be the things that make you all warm and fuzzy inside, and make you happy to wake up in the morning and take on the day. The only way your going to stay motivated is if you really want them, not what your family thinks you should do, or what you think you should be doing because everyone is telling you to do it or be it.

So once you figure out some plans for the year you need to know how you’re going to make them happen. First you need to have a notebook or a piece of paper to write them down. A notebook would be a better idea because that way you can plan everything out. I’ll talk more about that a little later. Writing your goals down gets them out of your head and allows you to see it in front of you. So now its not just an idea its a plan.

Now that you have your goals written down in a notebook the next page is going to be planning out what things you need to do to achieve the goals. You have to plan out in detail step by step of the everyday things you have to do. So for example if you want to start a blog, you need to research a platforms, which is just another term for server site you want to use. You have to do research on the pricing and also how good the platform is. You don’t want a server site that crashes all the time, and do they provide site protection. You also have to come up with a domain name and what you want your blog to be about. You also have to do research on the domain name make sure no one else is using it and if it matches with what your blog is about. You should write all those little detailed steps down when your planning your goals. It’s also a good idea if you write the steps in a check list form. This way when you look at it everyday you can corporate one to two things into your daily or weekly schedule.

Now that you have a plan written down its time to take action and do it. If you have days where you can’t find motivation to do it, you need to know that ACTION=MOTIVATION. Sometimes you won’t find the motivation to do things and that’s ok, but if you keep taking action you’ll become motivated when you start seeing changes. You have to be patience things don’t happen over night. Everything that’s worth doing takes patience and hard work. If you need more inspiration print out and post around your house pictures of the things your working towards, they can be material things or it can be pictures of places you want to visit or move to, it can even be a picture of a car your working towards or the type of house you want to buy. It’s a little unconventional, but I’m telling it really does work.

The last thing you should do is write a letter to yourself. Write a letter to open on December 31st, 2018. Write a letter saying what type of person your going to be in December and the goals that you’ve accomplished this year. Take this letter and keep it on your night stand or in your purse, or somewhere your going to see it everyday.

I hope some of these tips helped you plan out your year. comment below if you have any tips that help you plan and stay motivated.

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