Trying out Marie Kondo’s daily method

Spring is here and almost over. I can’t believe we’re almost halfway through the year! As most of us are Spring cleaning or are already done with Spring cleaning. Some of us are practicing ticing the Marie Kondo Method. I started watching Marie Kondo’s series on Netflix and I have also read her book like … More Trying out Marie Kondo’s daily method

Winter Tag

  Welcome to day 2 of 25 Days of Christmas. I want to make more posts that have you get to know me better. I created a Winter Tag and I’m tagging everyone who reads this to make their own tag post.   1. What are your favorite things about winter?  I love how I can … More Winter Tag

25 Days of Christmas

It’s that time of the year again, to hang up our stockings brew up our favorite seasonal drinks and participate in 25 Days of Christmas. 25 Days of Christmas is something that I started last year and I wanted to bring it back this year. Last years wasn’t too successful because I literally started blogging in December and … More 25 Days of Christmas

Life Update

I just wanted to write a short update on why I didn’t have a post up yesterday and I won’t have one up until Friday. I know I said I’d be posting every day for FallTober, but yesterday I woke extremely sick and in a lot of pain I’m feeling a little better today, but … More Life Update

October’s Inspirational Quotes

  Hey babes, welcome back to FallTober on my blog. Today is day 8, wow I can’t believe it has been a week already. There’s still so much content that will be going up till Thanksgiving day. Today I’m bringing back a favorite, which is my monthly inspirational quotes.   Once you replace negative thoughts with … More October’s Inspirational Quotes

Fall Tag

Hey babes, welcome to day 6 of FallTober. Since we’re almost a full week into FallTober I thought I’d do a tag post. So today is the Fall tag post and I am tagging everyone who reads this to do it too. What signifies Fall for you? I feel like as soon as the weather starts … More Fall Tag