Affirmations for a bad day

  We all have days where nothing seems to go right, we don’t feel like ourselves, or we just wake up thinking negatively because we didn’t get enough sleep because were up half the night thinking about our lives and what we have to get done, and etc. I could name a million things that cause me stress and puts me in a negative headspace. So when I catch myself in a negative headspace I stop by thinking and saying affirmations out loud. I keep saying them until I feel positive or until I believe in the affirmations again.

   So for today’s post, I’ve made a list of affirmations for you to resite when you’re not having such great day or you just need a boost of confidence.


  1. My life is beautiful even if I can’t see it right now.
  2. I wake up today with strength in my heart and clarity in my mind.
  3. My life is just beginning.
  4. I will be patient with myself as I grow.
  5. I possess everything needed to become successful.
  6. I accept all that has happened, all that is happening, and all that will happen.
  7. I let go of my anger so I can see clearly.
  8. I believe in myself and my abilities.
  9. Though these times in my life are difficult, they are only a short phase of my life.
  10. I am in charge of how I feel.
  11. I only focus on the positive.
  12. I accept I have weaknesses, but they do not define me.
  13. I will treat my body with respect.
  14. I choose to be happy.
  15. I am a work in process.
  16. I look forward to new experiences.
  17. I already have everything I need.
  18. Today I did my best.
  19. Everything is happening for me not against me.
  20. I deserve love and to be loved.   


  What did you think of these affirmations? Do you have any affirmations that you say every day, let me know in the comments. I love hearing new affirmations. Ok, that’s it for today’s post babes and I’ll talk to you on my next post.




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