Trying out Marie Kondo’s daily method

Spring is here and almost over. I can’t believe we’re almost halfway through the year!

As most of us are Spring cleaning or are already done with Spring cleaning. Some of us are practicing ticing the Marie Kondo Method. I started watching Marie Kondo’s series on Netflix and I have also read her book like everyone else, and I’m obsessed just like everyone. So I started doing more research on her and her methods and I stumbled upon her daily method. Today I want to talk about Marie Kondo’s daily methods and how they’ve changed my life.

Marie Kondo’s Daily Methods

  • Wake up and open all the windows and sliding doors – I already practice this one, only in the Spring and in the Summer if it’s not too hot. I’m going to practice it all year round. I will say it does help you wake up in the morning having fresh air coming house.
  • Sip on what makes you happy in the morning – I do practice this one every day too. It does change your morning if you do one thing that makes you happy. it helps you tackle your day with a positive energy. I’m getting back into liking coffee again so I’ve been drinking that every morning.
  • Get dressed even if your working from home – This one was actually eye-opening for me. I’m the type of person who likes legging and joggers to wear around the house if I know I’m not going anywhere. So I dressed up every day even when I had nowhere to go, and I notice that my attitude and productivity was way higher. I felt like I was ready for anything because I was ready and dressed. I didn’t feel like I would have to take time and do my make up and get dressed if I did need to get out of the house. Those things take time and I’ve noticed if I do it in the morning I feel more prepared and motivated, and if I do it later in the day right before I have to leave I feel rushed, unprepared, and I don’t feel like I look like my best.
  • Wipe down your shower products after your shower and store them away – This one took a like practice since I tend to leave everything in the shower. Marie Kondo practices this because it reduces the mildew in the bathroom and also keeps it more organized and tidy. After I practiced this one for a week I did notice a difference in how everything felt more organized and how the strip on my razor was lasting longer and my facial scrubber clothes and my body glove scrubber weren’t as worn out.
  • Make daily to-do lists – This one was also one that I already practice. I tend to be a little crazy when it comes to list making. I make list for literally everything. I find them so helpful especially since I have a tency of forgetting really easily. I’m a huge believer in lists, they are one of the biggest keys to being organized. Also they help you accomplish the things you have to do to get you closer to your bigger goals.
  • Thank your belonging as your using them – Ok, so this one is going to sound a little unconventional, but I will say there’s something to it. Ok, so let me explain, so when she says she thanks her belongs, she actually thanks her belongs. For example when I woke and I thanked my bed for allowing me to have a good night sleep and I thank my blankets for allowing to sleep nice and cozy. Ok, I know this sounds a little crazy, but after the first three days, of thanking my things I did start noticing I was feeling a lot more grateful and happier. I was also more aware of my surroundings and I felt more in the moment.
  • Wipe off your shoes when you come home and put them away – Ok, so this is one of my favorite ones, but it does take discipline and everyone in the house has to be on board. So this method requires you to wipe off your shoes with wet wipes at the front door and then storing your shoes away where they belong. Marie Kondo says this method prevents you to track less dirt in the house, and you take better care of your shoes, by wiping them down and storing them where they belong. I love this idea, but I feel like it only works if everyone in your home is willing to take the time to practice it too. I understand it can be tedious, but I feel like if you discipline yourself it’ll become a routine just like anything else.
  • Before you sleep eat with the family, change the water of your flowers, and tidy up before your night routine – This method is one we should all be practicing if you want to live a tidier life. It should everyone’s night routine to eat with our family, and cleaning before bed. Spending time with the fam at night allows us to share your day and find out how our family’s day went. The cleaning up portion of the evening is so then you are better prepared in the morning and you have more time to get ready or even to sleep a little longer.

After trying out these methods for two weeks I’m obsessed. I feel more content and organized. I understand that we all can’t do all of these things, but if I were to recommend one, I would say to thank your things and the things you use. I mean thank them and mean it. Gratitude only brings you happiness if you actually mean it and feel it.

Well, that’s it for today I hope I inspired at least one of you to try one of these methods. If you have tried any of these comment down below and tell me what your experience was like. If you have any daily methods that you think should be added to this list comment and let me know.



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