White Elephant Gift Ideas

Welcome back to day 3 of 25 Days of Christmas. Today I wanted to talk about a Christmas game called White Elephant, its also known as Dirty Santa or Yankee Swap. If you don’t know what White Elephant is, it’s when everyone brings a Christmas gift to a party that’s around the same price value. All the gifts get put under the Christmas tree or a designated area. All gifts have to be unmarked with no tags on them. Once it’s time to play the game you can either go around the table or pick names out of a hat. The person whose name is called goes up and picks a wrapped gift and opens it. If the person likes the gift they can keep it if the person doesn’t like the gift they can steal a gift that they do like from someone else, and that other person gets the gift from the person who stole their gift. The person who gets a gift stolen from them gets to either keep the gift that they just exchanged or they get to steal from someone else. This keeps going until you reach the last name in the hat or the last person on the table.

It’s a really fun game I used to play in when I was little at our Christmas party. This one everyone gets a gift and no one feels left out. Honestly, the game is fun to play and not really about what gift you end up with.

I’ve created a list to give you some ideas of what types of gifts to bring. Maybe It’ll even inspire you to start a tradition of playing the game. (Everything is linked if you want to buy something just click on the name)




That’s it for today’s post. Thanks for reading it, and let me know down below if you play or have played the White Elephant game. I’ll see you tomorrow for day 4 of 25 Days of Christmas.



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