Top 5 favorite Fall trends

One of the things I love about Fall is the fashion trends, I love layering up and throwing on a super cute pair of booties. Today I want to talk about my favorite new/old Fall trends.




    Overcoats are something I discovered last Fall and I fell in love with them. They add a little more style to whatever outfit you wear.


    Leather Jackets will always be a classic Fall staple. It adds an edge to your look, which I personally think always looks stylish.



    I really like that animal prints are back in. Adding animal prints to your outfit gives it a pop.



    This is my favorite next to street style. I love being able to look cute and comfortable at the same time.



    Do I really need to say why this is a favorite? Chunky sweaters are the staple of all things Fall. They not only feel warm and cozy, but they look cozy and stylish.


Well, that’s my top 5 favorite Fall fashion trends. Let me know what your favorite trends are down below. Thanks for reading FallTober post #2, and come back tomorrow for another Fall post.





   (Disclaimer: I don’t claim any of these pictures I got them all from Pinterest)

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