The journey to finding yourself

Finding yourself is a journey of challenging yourself and making yourself feel uncomfortable so we can find our loves, likes, and dislikes. A journey to see what all we can do and be. In Jen Sincero’s word’s “I just want to see what I can get away with.”

I’m currently on the journey of finding myself. It’s been fun, challenging, and harder then I thought. A lot of things seem easier said than done. I’ve been reading a lot of books that have helped tremendously and have changed my whole perception of how I see myself and others. I’ve been using these things I’ve learned in my day to day life. Which everything that I’ve read, watched, and listened to all sums up to loving yourself. Love yourself, believe in yourself, and trust yourself and you’ll be happy and fulfilled. Sounds super corny right? That’s because it is, but it’s so true. If everyone loved themselves then no one would be taking their shit out on themselves, other people, or our animal friends. Loving yourself is one of those things that seems so easy, but yet it’s one of those things that we just don’t allow ourselves to do. For some of us, it’s like we’re trying as hard as we can not to love ourselves because we don’t think we deserve it, or we need to punish ourselves for something we’ve done and we can’t forgive ourselves.

For everything I’ve read, watched, and listened too, they all tell you the basic things you have to do to find yourself and love yourself. Some give you a couple of tools to use when you have a bad day, but what none of them tell you is that those tools won’t always work, and those bad days can sometimes turn into a bad week or a bad month, but I’ve learned that that’s ok. Life is supposed to be messy and a series of highs and lows. A big part of figuring out who you are is through the pain because without pain you wouldn’t know or appreciate the good.

If you’re on the journey to finding yourself and/or loving yourself know that it’s completely ok and normal to have more then one bad day, week, or month. It’s also completely ok to freak out every once in while. Feel the anger, sadness, and/or frustration, just make sure that your thinking of solutions to your situation too. It can be very easy to throw ourselves a pity party and make ourselves the victim. Once you go down that rabbit hole it’s hard to see the light in the tunnel. It’s easy to be negative, but having a negative mind doesn’t equal a positive life or the life you want. Happiness takes work, but it’s completely worth it.

I’ll be posting a how to find yourself blog post later this month, this was just some thoughts I felt like sharing with you.

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