2018 Goals


We are now into the second week of 2018 and by now everyone is already has their goals for the year. I wanted to share my goals for the year with you and I’d love to hear what some of yours are, comment them down below and we can all share.


  • Go to more festivals and concerts
  • Read more books like, “You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero
  • Work on my writing and how I can improve it
  • Travel
  • Become Vegan
  • Learn how to communicate better
  • Move into a house
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Learn how to edit videos (Learn How to use final cut pro)
  • Start running again
  • Meditate (before I go to bed or right when I wake up)
  • Spend more quality time with friends and family
  • Be kinder to myself and believe more in myself stop being so self critical


I made my goals simple and more focused on myself because this year I want to work on bettering myself. I also want to be healthier mentally and physically. What’s your main goal?

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