Dealing with the winter blues

After the busyness that Christmas and New Years brings. We start winding down in January. As the New Year begins so does the Winter time. If your anything like me you hate being cold and all you want to do is stay under the covers until winter is over. This can feel super depressing and it can lead to depression.

I’ve created a list of things you can do to get threw the winter. These tips work for everyone. Whether you have seasonal affectiveness disorder or your just trying to fight the cabin fever feeling because its to cold to go outside.


The first thing on my list is Get Outside. Now I know your trying to fight the winter and stay warm, but by going outside and getting fresh air is good for you. Even if your going outside just for 5 minutes it helps your mood. I suggest going for a walk either around your neighborhood or downtown. Go explore some new shops or if there’s a coffee shop by your house take a walk there. You should try doing this with in the first two hours of waking up. This will wake you up and put you in a better mood, and this will give you the strength to take on the day.

Two. Music and Tv. This one is an important one. You have to pay attention to the type of music your listening to, and what type of tv shows your watching. The type of music your listening to can have a huge effect on your mood same with tv shows. During the winter time I suggest you listen to lighter and more up beat music especially if your already feeling down. This applies to tv shows as well.

Three. Make Plans. Whether your going to school or you work try to make plans for the weekend or on your days off. Stay social as much as possible. Going out with a friend or a family member is a perfect way to unwind and talk about your week or what you may be going threw.

Four. Day Light and Vitamin D. This one can be hard. If you live in a place where you down get much sun light or any at all during the winter, then I suggest buying a sun lamp. Getting sunlight for a least ten minutes a day is good for your health and mood. So if you can when you wake in the morning even if the sun isn’t out yet open up all your curtains and blinds and let the light in. I also suggest taking vitamin D tablets.

Five. Stay Active. This one is so important. Whether you go for a run outside, go to a gym, or YouTube a yoga video to do in your living room, it all counts. I know excersing is one of the last things you want to be doing when its freezing and ugly outside, but you’ll feel a lot better, and if you keep at it you might just have a six pack by the time summer comes around.

Six. Cozy Environment. Making a comfortable place for yourself, whether its just a room in your house or your whole house. You should make a room that you feel comfortable in. Somewhere to just relax even if it’s just for ten minutes.

Seven. Get a new hobby. Trying something new. Think of something you’ve been wanting to do for a while now, you either haven’t found the time to do it, or you’ve been waiting for the right time to do it. Well now is the time!

Eight. Keep a set sleep schedule. Sleep is a crucial part of your mental health. Sleep helps reduce stress, it can lower blood pressure, puts you in a better mood, and it improves your memory.

Nine. Plan a vacation. Going on a get away or planning a stay-cation can be the perfect thing you need. Making future plans for something gives you something to look forward to. Something to think and plan while your trying to stay cozy during the cold winter days.

Ten. Make a book or/and movie list. Make a list of all the books and/or movies you plan on  reading and/or watching.

Eleven. Projects. Start a project. Start something that is going to take some time to finish. You should do a closet purge, spring clean a room or your whole house, Organize or reorganize a place in your house, you can also rearrange or remodel a room.

Twelve. Talk it throw. If your feeling the winter blues you should really talk to someone. If you don’t have a anyone to talk to or you don’t think anyone you know would understand, please seek professional help. Depression is a real and serious issue. There’s numbers you can also call.

Winter everyday styles

As Christmas is right around the corner, the winter air is getting colder and colder. Depending on where you live it can be very hard to bundle up and still look cute on your day to day routine. So I’ve put some looks together that’ll make you look good and feel cozy.


This first look can is very versatile, it can go from day to night. It’s casual but the jacket and the purse give it that little extra something, that dresses it up. This outfit id great for going out and getting drinks or just going out and running errands.

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The second look is one of my favorites. A big over coat is perfect for the winter time. This look is also super versatile. The cami dresses up the V-neck sweater by being able to see a little lace from the cami pop out of the V-neck.

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-High rise super skinny jeans from on sale for $44

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This next look is perfect for staying cozy on those rainy or icy/snowy days where you have to go run errands.

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-Black Chloe bucket bag from on sale for $67

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I know this look isn’t a day to day cozy outfit, but it is a party or going out outfit. Since the holidays are here and we are all going out and spending time with our friends and loved ones. I think this outfit fits the festivities.

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This is my last look and its another favorite. You can go from day to night. You can never go wrong with dressing a sweater with a leather jacket. Just add some cute boots or booties with a detailed bag and you can go from day to night.

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